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French Oak

These barrels are elaborated with Sessile oak (Quercus sessilis), considered superior for its fine grain and richer contribution of components such as vanillin and its derivatives, lactones and tannins, as well as phenols and volatile aldehydes. The tannins are silky and transparent, and convey a sense of sweetness combined with delicate fruity flavors that persist in the palate.

Spices and toasted almonds can be appreciated combined with ripe red fruit flavors (in the case of red wine) and notes of peach, exotic fruit and floral aromas like jasmine and rose, depending on the grape variety used (in white wine). All their French oak wood is certified under the PEFC.

American Oak

The American white oak (Quercus alba) has gained considerable acceptance in major wine producing countries. Unlike French oak, which has to be split, allowing the utilization only 20 to 25% of the tree, American Oak can be serrated, which makes it comparatively economical. Its more pronounced oxidation and a quicker release of aromas help wines to lose their astringency and harshness more quickly; which makes it the wood of choice for shorter breeds (6 to 10 months).

Wood interacts harmoniously with the fruit, providing a wide range of complex aromas, soft and attractive tannins. The bouquet is light, with aromas of wood, clove, tobacco, toasted bread and coffee, combined with flavors of raspberry, blackberry and currant, depending on the grape variety used.

European Oak

European Oak refers to a mix of Eastern European oaks from Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. This wood is characterized by it very powerful soothing aromatic aldehydes. Because of its important personality is ideal for aging wine with great complexity in its origin.

Regarding intensity, these barrels contrast the impetus of American oak and delicacy of the French and from some time now, they have been enjoying renewed interest among winemakers looking for new and cheaper alternatives.


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