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Striving for excellence

Understading cooperage as the art and science that manipulates wood for the creation of wine, Tonelería Nacional seeks to respond to the changing requirements of modern oenology through innovations that enable the development of new production processes according to specific customer needs in order to create wines full of personality.

Given that consumers of wine expect to be constantly surprised by new experiences, the industry is open to innovations in winemaking, by discovering new knowledge and applying new technologies.

In line with this trend, Tonelería Nacional is committed to ongoing research and development of new products, which have resulted in new and sophisticated ways of uniting wine and wood. As a result, it has become a world leader in alternative products, as well as the most important cooperage at regional level, and among the top 10 in the world.

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     Our Commitment

  1. Innovation: Continuous development of products that help winemakers create wines with personality, allowing them to become more competitive. With determination, entrepreneurship and openness to new technologies, Tonelería Nacional is responsible for more revolutionary inventions that anybody in the industry.

  2. Flexibility: With the ability to adapt and respond to the different and changing needs of the vineyards, Tonelería Nacional has an extensive product line, ranging from barrels for premium and super premium products to a diverse range of alternatives. Enhancing flexibility, Convection Toasting technology allows customers to create their own unique recipes for toasting, which are stored in the online control system to ensure predictable, consistent and repeatable results.

  3. Excellence: A core value of Tonelería Nacional, reflected in the constant search for new and better solutions, establishing research and development partnerships with vineyards and wine research. The company also allocates significant resources to the certification of raw materials, quality control and traceability, as well as external processes and client assistance.
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Our team

In its effort to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers, Tonelería Nacional has a multidisciplinary team of highly trained staff.

This team plays a key role in all areas of the company - purchasing, production, research, marketing and operations - under an organizational culture that allows an identification with the company in a friendly and stable work environment.

International Presence

head office: +56 2 460 0500


Tonelería Nacional not only ensures strict control of the quality of their products, but also to transmit this spirit to all its staff by incorporating it into their organizational culture with the aim of continuous improvement, cultivated and developed in their investigative work and their search for new working standards.

In an increasingly globalized environment that continues to demand changes, the company recognizes the need to ensure that its staff commits to investing all its talent, contributing a high level of participation, and understanding that high-level management commits to the same effort.

Currently, Tonelería Nacional is certified to ISO-9001:2008. Each of the areas of business, from production to management, are tightly managed and controlled in order to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements through effective implementation of the system.

Quality of life

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the contribution to sustainable human development, through commitment and trust of the company towards its employees and their families, to society in general and the local community, and towards improving the social capital and quality of life of the whole community.

For Tonelería Nacional, the fulfillment of these objectives both internally and externally is essential, with particular focus on environmental responsibility, which has become a core value at all levels of operations. The company has incorporated the environmental variable into more efficient production.

The valuation of products, processes and services is observed through the elimination of waste and emissions, through the increased efficiency and productivity of all fees and resources, and through reducing anti-ecological practices.

The unique convection toasting technology patented by Tonelería Nacional produces no charring or pollution and there is no burning of wood. This can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants compared to our competition and helps to improve the quality of life of our community.

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Learning by doing

In the context of the globalization of the increasingly competitive wine sector, producers have used their innovation and creativity in order to surprise consumers. To adapt to these new challenges, the cooperage industry must know and understand these changes.

Tonelería Nacional is aware of the importance of adapting both its products, to the needs of the winemakers, and its services to the customs of each market and its consumers. This is why the company invests considerable human and financial resources in a comprehensive research and development program to elaborate new products that can help winemakers to create wines with personality.

Tonelería Nacional, in the cooperage industry, is the company with the most innovations to his credit: reinvention of the Chauffe à Coeur toasting, the ZigZag barrel renewal system, the Inserstave, the world leader in high quality oak alternatives, the barrel convection toasting with the Odysé Convection Toasting line, and more recently the premium line of barrels, staves and alternatives Ambrosia Flavour.

Tonelería Nacional makes, operates, researches and develops its work in order to learn, understand and meet new market demands.

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Trials, Technical and Commercial
Assistance and Traceability

Understanding the needs of its customers has been the essence of Tonelería Nacional, the main motivation that has driven the establishment of long-term relationships with its clients and their suppliers.

As part of the commitment to excellence, Tonelería Nacional offers its customers a network of winemakers and technical experts who travel around the world to support their projects and help them face the challenges presented in the modern wine industry.

The consolidated Tonelería Nacional expansion has allowed it to have offices and / or exclusive representation in all major traditional and emerging markets. Closer to its customers, representatives in each country are able to respond personally to market requirements and demands.

Services offered:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Commercial Assistance
  • Field Trials
  • Product Traceability

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